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First Step, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Wichita Falls, TX, and covering a 12 county area, that provides comprehensive domestic violence and sexual assault services.


“Take a Step”

Sexual assault has for years thrived in silence. Survivors of sexual misconduct have recently come forward in numbers, and that has taken courage. However, their acts are not enough to ensure that acts of sexual misconduct cease. Further change will need the support of each of us, and action by each of us first, to learn more about creating positive relationships based on respect and equality, and then to take steps to help build those healthy relationships. First Step, Inc. is encouraging individuals from every walk of life to “Take a Step” to promote healthy relationships free from violence. Whether you are a friend, relative, parent, intimate partner, co-worker, boss, neighbor or by-stander, there are Steps you can take. Click here for how you can help your community #TakeAStep towards ending violence.


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