Getting Help

Seek Medical Attention

Go directly to the hospital.  You should not shower, change clothes, eat or drink anything before you go. Doing those things can destroy evidence that can potentially be used to put your assailant in jail.

At the hospital, you will be assigned a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.). The SANE Nurse will ask, if you would like to have a SANE Exam done.  A SANE Exam is an exam that is used by medical examiners to collect evidence in your allegation. Victims are encouraged to have one done as it will provide evidence should the victim decide to press charges within the next 10 years. Once given a chance to process the event and your emotions surrounding it, you may want to take legal action.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are an issue that need to be addressed immediately. The likelihood that the attacker has participated in unhealthy sexual behaviors could have possibly put you at risk with an STD. The hospital will offer you a very potent antibiotic that will help fend off most STDs. However, this does not work on HIV or AIDS.

The morning after pill has been an ongoing controversial issue; however, female victims will be offered the morning after pill; it is up to you whether or not you take it.

The SANE Nurse will encourage you to follow up appointment with your family physician to make sure that everything is still going well after a couple of weeks. It is important to attend this follow up visit because if you have questions, you will be able to have them answered.

Seek Counseling

This is one of the reasons First Step, Inc was created. We have staff that is ready to be supportive and encouraging. We want to see you overcome this obstacle and get your life back in order. It is very difficult to go through this alone; however, you are not alone.

Support is out there.

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