Personal Safety Plan

The key word is PLAN!

Plan for your safety during an argument at home, when you are at work or in public, and when you are leaving an abusive relationship.

Important things to take when you leave:
  • Identification: Tribal registration cards, driver’s license, car registration, car title, children’s birth certificates, your birth and marriage certificates, social security cards, welfare identification, etc.
  • Financial: Money, bank books, check books, etc.
  • Legal Papers: Your protective order, lease/rental agreement/house deed, car registration/insurance papers, custory papers, divorce papers, health and life insurance papers, family medical records, work permits, green card and immigration papers, passport, etc.
  • Other Information: House and car keys, medications, school records, shot records for children, address book, photos of you, your children, the abuser, children’s toys, telephone card, jewelry and a change of clothes for you and your children.

Remember: sometimes we must leave in a hurry and cannot get this entire list. It is alright. Get as much as possible. Identification and legal papers are the most important because they are the hardest to replace.

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